Nuclear War, One Step Closer to The Apocalypse

Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

Nuclear Power

Nuclear Weapons in History

Fission Nuclear Weapon

Hydrogen Bomb (Fusion)

Nuclear Weapon Damage

Effects on Human Health

Nuclear Radiation Effect on Human Health

Effects on Environment

  • A relatively modest 5 Tg of soot would be sufficient and caused the lowest temperature of earth has experienced, lower than during the Litter Ice Age or in 1816. 75 Tg of soot temperature would correspond to the last full Ice Age. And precipitation would decline by more than 25% globally
  • The time required to reduce the soot mass is approximately 5 years. In the Asian monsoon region, a 5 Tg soot injection would reduce precipitation by 40%. Hadley circulation will undergo dynamic changes, and rainfall patterns in South America and Africa will shift dramatically. This phenomenon in general can affect the climate on a global scale.
  • A decrease in temperature and precipitation would have a profound effect on mid-high altitudes agriculture. The length of the growing season is decreasing because there are changes in temperature, precipitation, light level, and other factors.
  • Massive soot in the upper atmosphere heated the stratosphere and disrupted stratospheric circulation. 5 Tg of soot injection associated with regional conflict, the stratospheric temperature would remain elevated by 30° C after 4 years. This unusual phenomenon would reduce the ozone column by 20% globally, 25–45% at middle latitudes, and 50–70% at northern high latitudes for about 5 years.
  • The consequences of global cooling include the expansion of ice seas, polluted coastal areas, and decimation of ocean marine life. The ocean takes longer to change. After the smoke clears, it takes many decades for the ocean to return to its pre-war state. Some areas of the ocean are likely to remain in the new state for hundreds of years or longer. This new situation disrupted the marine ecosystem, resulting in a global impact that will last for decades.
  • The dramatic change in the ocean & surface will be caused severe famines in all nations. Due to a decrease in agriculture, fisheries, and cattle, increase surface ocean PH, Damage to the ecosystem will endanger the food chain, plus transportation difficulties due to the expansion of the ice sea. This will have a bad impact all over the world.




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Share stories about photography, lifestyle, and my personal experiences.